The Way We Were(往日情懷)....張菲往日情懷....張菲 張菲唱酒店工作英文歌還真是不錯聽唷..介紹給大家QQ..希望你們會喜歡...The Way We Were(往日情懷酒店打工)Lyrics:A.Bergman/M.Bergman Music:M.HamlishMemoriesLight the corners of my mindMisty 酒店兼職watercolor memoriesOf the way we wereScattered picturesOf the smiles we left 燒烤behindSmiles we gave to one anotherFor the way we wereCan it be that it was all so 烤肉食材simple thenOr has time rewritten every lineIf we had the chance to do it all againTell 烤肉me - Would we? Could we?MemoriesMay be beautiful and yetWhat's too painful to 居酒屋rememberWe simply to choose to forgetSo it is the laughterWe will rememberWhenever we 酒肉朋友rememberThe way we wereSo it is the laughterWe will rememberWhenever we rememberThe way 東區燒烤we were 

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